Girls, are handwritten notes cute if a guy has bad handwriting?

I've always heard that handwritten notes are very romantic and that your hirlfriends would love them
But I have terrible handwriting
She would have to look at her own name for like 10 seconds before. she understood what it said

Even if I take extra time to make sure that its neat, it still looks kinda like childish writing
So would bad handwriting be too much of a turn off or will it still be ok?


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  • If she likes you enough she will take the time to read it. If it's heartfelt it'll make her melt.


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  • Is it sad I actually kept the napkin that the VJ at my bar wrote on when I asked him the name of a song and artist? I can barely read that shit, but I kept it anyway. He and I are close, by the way, so its not like i kept some random guys note. Nah, I think its adorable. And she probably will too.


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