Is it okay to kiss in the first date?

About a week ago, i met a guy on tinder. We talked for a few days on Skype, our conversations were long and quite meaningful. However, yesterday we finally met in person. As the night went by, we felt pretty comfortable with each other, our conversation was so smooth and natural that we both felt we knew each other for longer. After dinner, we went to grab some coffee and sat down in a bench. Then he put his arm around my shoulder and i layed on his chest. It felt good but i was worried we were going a little fast, however, he told me there is no such a thing as going to fast when you like the person and feel a strong chemistry, then he grabbed my chin and kissed me in the lips. It did not feel awkward at all, but although he made the first move, i am worried about giving him a bad impression. When we started talking online, we both expressed we were not in a hurry to start a relationship but if it happens, it happens. What do you guys think about kissing on the first date? Please be respectful though.


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  • Yeah, it's alright. My BF and I kissed on our first date. :) Well, we kissed a few times... ;)

  • Is this for real? Of course it's ok.

    • Thanks for your input. I thought so too but it's good to hear different opinions