How should I communicate with a girl who has rejected me.?

when I told her how I felt months ago she said she wasn't lookn to date anyone and that it would fit in my schedule. at first, it didn't bother me. but it sunk I that it was a rejection. she rejected me several months ago. funny she sent me a message sayn a show made her think of me and she couldn't wait till I come back to schoo. I back in school thinking we would be friends. I don't see her much-im starting to see its a good thing. she saw me in the library and came over to my table. I really didn't say much-honestyly I didn't know what to say. I don't want her to think I still like her and that I will try hard to make her like me. I have faced the fact that were not gonna date. I do wish she would have been straightforward with me and said that "we should be friends" instead of the answer. I will say I HAVEN't been trying to reach out her. But I know she says ill be see around. How should I communicate with her whenver I see her


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  • honestly just say hi to her and keep things friendly , mean it doesn't hurt to be friends with her and she might have some gf's you might like . I found back in school having gf's even just as friends lead to me meeting more girls .