A guy I know keeps buying me gifts. Does he like me or just being friendly?

I have know him for a month and we exchanged numbers and steam ids. He keeps buying me games and has given me a rare game piece that sells for $150. My mom says he likes me but I'm not sure.

I really like him, but I know I am moving in a few months.


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  • No gifts tell him no more gifts until you've known him for a while longer at least 3 months

    • I've told him he doesn't have to send me anything. I've known him since Black Friday 2014. I worked at his store as a volunteer. We became friends and he was always checking to see how I was doing and if anyone was bothering me. I don't mind the gifts, but I also don't want him to spend his money on me. But how can I tell if he likes me?

    • he gives you gifts lol

    • Ok... Thank you! I've just never dated anyone or really had a friend and I wasn't positive if that's what a guy does when he likes a girl.

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