Do you believe this statement has some truth to it? "Men need to be loved; Women need to feel wanted" This is how they determine if they are loved. ?

Love for men is interchangeable with the word Respect and all that it entails. Wanted is just that for women, they need to know within that their man desires (wants) to be with them.

Share your thoughts, let me know if this stands true for you.

Men if your woman respects you, do you feel they love you? How do you equate love?

Women if your man desires you, do you feel they love you? How do you equate love?

Love has many meanings for many people. This is just one way to describe it. Both equate Love.
Men, tell me, What do you need in your relationship, friendship, companionship, life to feel loved by another?

Women, can you verbalize your needs when your in a relationship, friendship or your life in general?

I personally, believe communication is key in any and all relationships. I use the term relationship interchangeably. Because no matter what our experience with people, (romantic, friendship, companion, professional) they all fall under the word RELATIONSHIP.


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  • After the last 50 years of feminism, are you saying women don't desperately want to feel respected?

    I think both genders have equal need to be wanted, loved and respected.

    • The question really isn't that deep.

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    • Aw shucks... :)

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  • nah i think both need to be loved.

  • Wait... That's the same thing lol. Feel wanted and feel loved. Same thing.

    • Yes, it can be synonymous, but that would depend on who you're talking too.

    • It's the same thing

    • Ok. :), Wanted and Love is not the same thing. I can want you to be with me but that doesn't mean I love you. Again, it depends on who your talking too.

  • Respect is not enough for me to feel in love with her

    • Can you tell me what you would need to "feel" in love with a woman?

    • Many things , she must be faithful
      and I want to hear from her saying I love u

      If came from work she welcome me hug or kis
      I don like to see angry women or upset women after 10 hours of work

      She must be supportive

      She must be jealous BUT healthy only

      remember my bd even if no gift or party but I will feel she care and want to make me happy which = I feel she love me

      She must handle bad times with me bcoz in the end we r partners in life

      Personally I didn't find this women yet hope to find her one day

    • I hope you find her too... she is pretty amazing:) Thanks for sharing this with me (and everyone else) :)

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  • I think this would actually apply more if it were switched around.

    Men need to feel wanted, women need to be loved.

    Then again both sexes need to be loved and feel wanted but it just seems more applicable to apply the statement u provided inverted.

  • I think men need to feel respected and women need to feel loved. There's a book about it. Pretty interesting read. Granted it's written by a Christian pastor or some other, but it makes a lot of sense.

  • Men's first priority is to be respected and admired. (Which causes love in women.)
    Women's first priority is to be desired and cherished. (Which causes love in men.)

  • Men need to be respected, and women need to be loved

  • Men desire lots of women. Desire is probably the easiest feeling to inspire in men. So I don't think I agree.

    • True, men do desire a lot of women but what do you need to know you are loved? Is desire apart of that.

    • Appreciated and accepted, perhaps. As a whole, not just visually/sexually.

    • I hear you, this is not always portrayed when men are seeking a mate.

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