Is he not serious about me anymore?

Hey guys,
I've been seeing this guy since Mid-November. We met off a dating sure and we're both 20. He lives about and hour away from me, but he drove downtown to meet me for the first time and take me out. Since then, we've been seeing eachother. We're just not official yet. I've met his parents and he's met mine. In December he was asking if I was looking for a relationship and I said yes, and he said he's looking for something more serious, too.

Anyways, I'm supposed to see him on sat. Last night we were talking and it didn't seem like he's as interested in being serious. For example, part of the text convo went like this:

Him: it's too bad you love so far, but our night together am this Saturday should be nice

Me: yeah it will! As long as you're willing to see me once a week I'll be happy :) if you feel that way too

Him: yeah once a week isn't too bad :) of you lived closer I'd see you more

Me: At least you're not 2 hours away. and it does give us a chance to miss eachother :)

Him: mm I guess :p sucks we're kinda long distance tho

Me: well I can really happy you told me you're looks for something more serious :) <3

Him: it's nice spending time with you :)

I don't know from that convo it didn't seem like he was as into seeing me as a gf.. I feel like he would've told me how much he likes me and wants to see me.. But it wasn't. He's tried continuing the convo afterwards which was regular. I feel kind of upset.. Thoughts?

*met off a dating site
Lol sorry for the typos I'm using my phone!!


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  • I would be upset too. See how Saturday goes and bring it up to him. If he's not willing to put in the work then he needs to tell you. One hour is nothing. I wouldn't even consider that long distance.


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  • I don't see anything in that conversation that gives me pause. He sounds genuine


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  • I'm not quite sure where you're finding the reason to be upset. It seems like you're being really upbeat and optimistic, but he's kinda bummed out that there's distance between you. I wouldn't measure if he was willing to be serious or not based on this interaction. Don't worry so much, it seems like he is interested in you. Talk to him about it on Saturday. Also, I wouldn't consider this "long distance" because you can still see each other on a regular basis, as long as you're willing to both make the commitment. Good luck!

  • I think you're overreacting and that conversation sounds like he is happy to see you once a week and he wants to continue doing it.