Why won't he say "I love you" but tells me that his actions should show he loves me?

He used to say it until we had a fight, Then we dated on and off for the next 4 months up til now, for 8 months total.

I almost entirely stopped saying it because he never says it back. Now he says the word means more to him than me. And I think he feels a little vulnerable since I broke up with him twice temporarily over the fight.

But what I don't understand is when I told him that I didn't really feel loved because I'm a person that needs words to feel loved (he doesn't flirt anymore), he told me I should see he loves me in his actions. But if he loves me and knows I want to hear it, why won't he say it? He hasn't had bad experiences saying it to other girls in the past, it's only with me that he won't say it now. The only baggage affecting him saying it is things that occurred in OUR relationship.

So what gives? Why does he insist his actions show he loves me but he still struggles to say the words he knows I want to hear?



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  • He doesn't want to say it if he doesn't feel it.

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