Is it ok to like someone while you have a boyfriend?

Hi I have had 3 boyfriends last year the last one I broke up with on Monday because he was swearing at me via text anyway I was camping and I saw this really hot guy and I took a pic of him and sent it to my friends and said he was hot and I liked him etc and my friends said for me to forget about him because I had a boyfriend so I did. The question is do you think it is ok to like someone else while you have a boyfriend?


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  • It, s ok to like someone when you have a boyfriend because we are humans not angels. But Always remember that you may not start talking that guy and becoming friends with him or later make him bf because he may not be good than your Boyfriend or He may not be a sincere or Honest, Liking is ok but cheating on older boyfriend to make the new hot guy a boyfriend in not ok...


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