Guy I'm dating might still be in love with ex? Should I start moving on?

So I've been dating a guy for 6 months now and we still aren't official. One day he opened up to me and told me he's afraid of getting into a relationship and he has an emotional brick wall now and he truly get into the relationship. I also found out he still might have feelings for an ex that he dated for 6 years but theyve been broken up for 3 years now. When i hangout with him he's very cuddly and always wants to hols my hand and always initiates contact with me first. I don't know what to do:(I dont wanna be with a guy who can't truly open his heart to m. And who still might have feelings for an ex. I just feel so horrible everyday. What should i do guys?:(


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  • You need to talk to him about it. If he might have feelings for an ex, this isn't a healthy thing for your relationship and you must talk about it. It will be uncomfortable, but he needs to make a decision. If he can't choose between you and the girl he broke up with 3 years ago, then maybe you need to walk away, because obviously he's not in the right state of mind for dating.

    It's hard to do this, especially when you love someone, but if this is how your relationship is, you guys are both a ticking time bomb, and need to talk to diffuse the tension and problems, otherwise you'll explode and be forced to go different ways.

    Communicate with him and express yourself so that he clearly understands what you want from him. If he can't give you a solid answer, then it might be time to break it off and move on.

  • You should definitely move on. I know a person who dated a girl who still had (secretly) feelings for her ex. She ended up cheating on him with her ex and is now back together with him. Let's just say that my friend was heartbroken.

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