Girls like me but I don't know what to say or even how to approach them. Do I have a problem?

When I see girls looking at me and check me out i'm just slowly getting nervous even one time a girl i liked , I saw her coming my way... In my mind I was saying please don;'t come to me I'm not ready! But then she sat right beside me :( It was just so awkward with the silence I just don't know what to say to any girl When I see a girl I like it's as if I want to run away so I don't have to talk to them because I don't want to mess things up people keep telling me to just step up to her and be romantic but I just can't no matter how much I try It's like my chest and my throat gets blocked up my heart will start pumping hard I can't even look her in the face I wonder if I will be like this for the rest of my life :(


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  • I feel your pain. Have had this happen many times.

    I often ask them out.. at least in my head.. on the way home.

    Jokes aside, I think you're right, we all need to overcome our shyness and go for it. Then the nice guys will WIN!!

    A nothing to lose attitude is necessary. Imagine you've only got one day left. Just go for it. Because if you do nothing, then the girl disappears anyway. But it is a lot easier said than done. A girl I liked, walked up near me in uni and rather randomly started grooming herself in a nearby mirror on the wall. I really wanted to say hi. In the end, she said hi to me. I mustered some.. words, but I wish I had been more confident.

    If you do work out a solution to this, please let me know too!!

    • Then again I don't know what to say...

    • Thing I wished I had said when a hot girl at uni smiled at me once. "Hi"

      Seriously, I wish I had. I think the conversation will come naturally if the girl also smiled at you. Just general things like you would say to a friend or a new person you don't fancy.

      If you can get past how are you onto a topic about where you are or what's she's interested in you'll be onto a great start!

      Try to let her talk the most and you're in there.

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  • Hey. What's up?

    Just act like you're making a new friend. Personally I dislike when a man I don't know tries to be romantic with me.

    • You have no idea my chest and throat will start blocking up and my heart will start to pump real hard when I Have to talk to a girl :(

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  • I thought i was the only one. :p

    • Hey their lots of us out their... and sadly we are the guys girls want in their lives to settle down a with but we need to over come our shyness

    • I know but you don't know how hard I've tried! Why am i so shy doe. I'm not ugly as hell but i consider myself average

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