Is he just bad news?

My boyfriend was a very good friend of mine.
And I told him almost everything but he was never there for me when I needed him , never kept his promises.
I told him about my molestation and he seemed supporting. But he is a family member so I had to confront him again.
He was there but I asked to calm me and talk to me for the entire night as I was tripping (over mobile)
But he slept.
I don't think he cares loves or respects me
every time I try to go he comes crawling back
We have Been on and off since we started
I loved him too much I guess I still want him
But I guess I should stay away.
I blocked him the next day and tackled my situ my self.
He didn't even try to contact me

  • Give it time but don't contact him
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  • leave him he is no good
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  • Give him another chance
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I feel like I'm being torn apart from inside
and I haven't shown any symptoms
I haven't even cried
It has been days he hasn't contacted me
and no nothing came up that's just him he will always sleep


Most Helpful Guy

  • find a new boyfriend, this guy is too busy and u need someoen who can give you time


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What Guys Said 2

  • He really is bad news.

  • give him another chance ,, might be he is busy these days or something wrong happened with him.. conversation is only things u can shortout your problem


What Girls Said 3

  • B = he's good enough for light weight & their drama
    but doesn't have a clue what to do with you & your heavyweight baggage
    so shopping for someone more mature with etiquette is your immediate Job #1

    • So if I was like you never call he would have stuck around
      Now I might not be able to open up to any guy.

  • I think that you should give him another chance but leave him for a couple days. Something might have popped up in his life. I know that you needed someone to talk to and he wasn't there but he might have been dealing with something. Wait until he contacts you and if he doesn't in a couple days then you know it wasn't meant to be.

  • I support you in leaving him for good bc he's no good. (That rhymed) you know you deserve better