Is it strange that I'm kinda attracted to people with acne?

If there are two people exactly alike in character, personality, and appearance, and the only difference between them is that one has some facial acne, I'll choose the one with the acne. It's like they just appear more honest and real and beautiful because they're not concealing their flaws. Anyone else like that?


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  • I know how you feel, there's this guy I was totally into just because he had acne, all my friends looked at me weirdly when I said that to them once, but I don't know, his acne scars were sexy to me and I don't have acne at all


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  • is it beacuse u have the acne too and u will be more comfortable with the acne one

    • No. I don't have an issue with acne at all. I've gotten like five pimples in the last year. I just like people that look real. When they have superficial flaws they're just Notre like a real human I'd all. I find their visible flaws attractive.

    • well it is an extra ordinanry quality you have majority dont think this way. I respect your views

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  • I think you go for the people with obvious flaws because you feel you might have
    to deal with deception from someone who seems almost too perfect.

    If that's the way you feel.
    Don't feel that way.

    Acne is only hormonal changes.
    The way someone treats you has to do with the person they are within.
    Not what physical flaws they may temporarily possess.

    • Great job pretending to have a psych degree, dr. phil, but that's not the case. I just like flaws. They give people more character.

    • This site is for people to give their opinion, I gave mine.
      What is the problem?
      You are very ignorant and lack intelligence.
      I'm glad you can at least tell I have a degree from my educated response.
      Wish I could say the same about you, but you are speaking at a lower than high school level.
      Good luck getting your g. e. d if you can manage to finish the program.

  • Nope. Idm if someone has acne or not.

    • Yea but I don't just not mind them, I like them. I feel it gives their appearance more character when they have little "flaws" like acne or freckles or scars or moles or a crooked nose or whatever. They sort of shit is just really attractive to me. The obstruction of a perfect image is what births beauty.

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