Girls no bs seriously?

I was 21 dating a 18 year old. She'd tease when drunk (touch, send pix, dirty talk, dirty dance) but no sex. Said "I'm a virgin and want to wait". I being a "GENTLEMEN" was patient until it was our 10th month anniversary!. That specific night i unexpectedly tried sexing her for a 1st time and she dumped me. I only came strong because i seent i was loosing her (peck kisses, barely talking, barely touching). Now she in college and is 21 and i'm 24. We been ON/OFF since she was 18. She's likely seen other people in the past. She has tattoos and a tongue piercing. Deff not the girl i knew at 18. She still claims she's a virgin at 21 but i don't believe it. Your boy hasn't even "SEENT" her naked other then touching/making out. Not that it matters but she comes from a good family (college educated vs my family in the ghetto).

She jokes like "i will suck your d! ck if you buy me pizza" and always mentions the word "d! cK".


Me: I wonder how i can get paid more?

Her: "suck d! ck for a living"

I once tried setting it up oral sex but she backed away. It could be she's just a teaser but I don't know.

Do you honestly think she can be a virgin still?

Just a reminder college= Young people + parties + alcohol + drugs + new friends = hookups


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  • I wouldn't even worry about her sex life because it doesn't affect you. She clearly doesn't want to have sex with you so if that's what you want to do it may be best to move on


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  • None of that matters if she isn't willing to give it up to you lol.


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