I told my best friend I couldn't spend time with her, not sure how upset she is?

I told my best friend who is a girl, I couldn't spend time with her as I was developing feelings for her. Problem being I have a partner and thats not fair on anyone. For the record she does not have such strong feelings for me I did ask I could sense something changed. I said I will have to keep my distance not to confuse myself. She looked upset but said she understood. I sent a text later to double check she was alright she said she was bit upset but understood and would wait for me to message her. I texted her again to check a few days late and she said she is OK. She also said both times she hopes she doesn't have to wait too long to hear off me. So does she mean she is really fine or upset?


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  • I can't speak for her, but personally I would be sad that I can't be with my best friend but I would also understand and think that it was good of him to wanting to do the right thing.

    • I think your right as she looked upset. In the event that we are both free and single in the future at least I have made myself look like a good guy. I just hope she doesn't think we can be the same as before straight away as she says she hopes she doesn't have to wait too long to hear off me.

    • Of course she wishes that it could go back to being the same way. Remember, she didn't choose this situation, you put her in it. I am not saying you did anything wrong, but she are now in a place she didn't choose to be in herself.

    • Its just a little bit regrettable that things have changed. We both had feelings we shouldn't have had and have done the right thing. Hopefully in a week or two they will go away but we will see. She was able to switch hers off while I was worried I wouldn't. It would be a shame to loose contact totally shame really. Just a shame we didn't hook up years ago but what has happened has happened. Who know what the future holds. Still I go to be honest I didn't think it would be so upsetting telling her I couldn't be so close to her, was more moving than I imagined.

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