How to stop feeling nervous about meeting his family?

I have dated my boyfriend for more than 8 months, we are traveling to another state to meet his father's family over the weekend (his grandmother, father, sisters, etc). I will be spending a few nights living in his grandmother's home, and I'm nervous. I don't know if it's normal for couples to go to spend nights in their family's household. I've never done this before, so that is my reasoning for feeling weird about this. He's gunna give me a tour around the city since he has lived there previously. I just don't know if it's okay to be doing this at this point in our relationship. I have slept over his house once, but his mother didn't feel comfortable about it and didn't want it to happen again. His grandmother did say yes for me to come over, and she'll accommodate to let me sleep in the guest room. Help?

Also, to add, we are both in our early 20s.


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  • 8 months is quite a long time, I think it's okay to meet his family aready. The circumstances of meeting a the family of a gf/bf vary and this is yours, not weird. And it's normal to be nervous. Just be yourself and try to get along with them well during your stay there.

    • ... of meeting the* family...

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    • True, true. Thank you! :)

    • You're welcome. And good luck for you

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  • There are no universal rules for relationships. You do what works for the 2 of you and that is all that matters. It is a very good things that he wants you to meet his family and see where he grew up. That is a very large part of him opening up and showing you who he is. That is the thing people have the most difficulty with in relationships.
    Think about it logically:
    You are traveling to another state thus I assume it isn't a quick trip back home. Of course you must stay over simply because you can't travel back in one day. He also thought it through to make sure there is a place for both of you to stay while respecting his mother's wishes and values as well as you.
    Grandma letting you stay tells me she's probably a very kind woman and he is probably close to her.
    Sounds like you have a very smart and caring man on your hands.
    Just breathe. Be yourself. And do not worry about what others think or do in their own relationships because it has no effect on yours.

    • This one really hit the nail on everything. Made me see this differently. :)

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