How do I get a date?

I am asking this for a friend. As stated in myTake, I have no interest in dating.


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  • buy a face...


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  • The first step is having something to do and somewhere to go.

    These are your variables:

    a. Girl you are interested
    b. Where?
    c. When?
    d. What?

    It's just an invitation to something where you do something together.

    (A) Girlfriend, I want to (D) take you out to a steak dinner on (C) Saturday night at (B) Keens Steakhouse on 72 West 36th Street.

    With these in line and being prepared it'd be difficult to be turned down. But the most important thing is being ready so you don't have to get ready...

    Go get that girl.

  • You find a girl you think is attractive. You talk to her. If she seems receptive you ask her out on a date.

  • It's a numbers game. You ask a lot of girls out. Eventually one of them says yes.

    You ask girls out that you don't know very well, so that rejection is not a massive crushing defeat.
    You ask girls out for a single date, like lunch or a coffee, so that it's not a massive committment upfront. It's a chance for her to get to know you and vice-versa. You're not starting out by saying you love her and will she be your boyfriend.
    Pay attention to how things go when you ask a girl out. How did your approach work? Did you put her at ease? Did you make her laugh? Did you make her feel safe and secure? Did she give you a polite brush off like telling you she already had a boyfriend? Did you give her your number or did you ask for hers?

    Do not expect immediate success. No one is Casanova out of the gate. These are skills you need to learn. Pay attention to what works, pay attention to what doesn't work.

    Start young. By the time you're old enough to be dating on a semi-regular basis, you'll be a master at this stuff.

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