Girls, is it a turn off if a guy calls you the same day you give him your number?

So assume during the day, you met some guy and he asks for your number and you give it to him.

-Is it a turn off if he calls you later that night?

-does it even matter if he calls the same day or calls the next day instead?

-or do you actually prefer if he calls the same day?

-do you prefer a guy waits a day or two before he calls you?


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  • I agree..sooner is better.

    I like texts more. Maybe because I can express myself better in writing than in person.. haha I'm not really sure. All I know is, contact her the day after...after noon perhaps. ;)

    Or if you met her in the mourning, then that same the evening... :)


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  • sooner is better

  • My first preference would be the next day, but if he does call me the same day (at night), or two days later, I'd just be happy that he actually called at all...not a big deal.


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