What does start seeing eachother mean?

Met a guy online, really hot too. Likes look of me. Says he wants to meet up but nothing to full on yet his exact words were when he said are you looking for relationships I said yeah, I said are you he said, Well not sure just out of long term relationship so maybe nothing to full on to begin with x

I said ok as not long been in one too. He said ok so we can start seeing eachother then? I said what does it mean to yoou. He said go out meet up and then whatever. Is that code for sexual stuff?

When we got talking I thought well he's 29 looks mature, an even said is he too old for me an I said no I want a mature man. An now I feel like he is one of those guys who hates any label and wants fun. I give up lol..


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  • Men.
    That's really all I have too say lol ! Yeah, 98% of the time when girls say 'seeing eachother' it's a step up from saying.. Too see where things lead.
    When guys say seeing eachother they usually mean 'wahoo! Sex with no commitment!'

    Bloody animals ha!


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  • He's looking to hit it and quit it!

    • Yeah lol aha. I've made it clear using his words. Saying like you said you just got out of something so nothing full on for now an he said yep x lol he said I can sleep in spare room