I have been getting with a guy for over 3 months on and off but I dont know if he likes me?

He is a very shy guy and I really want to tell him how much I like him, but im scared he just does not respond. What do I do?


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  • Has he given you no indication of whether I likes you or not?

    • That should be "he" not "I"

    • He did say he liked everything about me, and he wants to see if anything can happen with us.. that was it

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  • You know the answer to this already. He is using you. Guys who think a lot of you will actually make that fact known. They'd be scared you left them.
    Also if you have to go Sherlock on his ass he's playing with you. Get rid of him

    • I don't think you can be sure of that, certainly many (perhaps most) men would have given some indication within that time, but she said "He is a very shy guy" - that could explain it too.

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    • The last time he texted me he only wanted a lift home. Then he never text me again. I want to message him and tellhim that I want to get to know him but I dont know how that will turn out

    • What I'd do is just ask him. He will tell you for sure if he likes you or not. This doesn't have to be complicated. Whether he's shy, outgoing or anything he is a man, and a man will go after what he wants. What I'd say is, "I like you a lot, what do you think about us?" Makes a world of difference when you just come right out and say it. Since he's shy, I'd make a point in making him feel like he's the one in the drivers seat though, yet still you like him and that will also help him along.