How to deal with this girl who's after my boyfriend?

So, this girl is making moves on my man. She keeps asking him if he's single, she tried to sit on his lap, and SHE WENT TO HIS HOUSE! She went to his freaking house! He was completely alone and she was just there like; "Is so and so here?" (My bf) He has been rejecting her, he tells her no when she asks if he's single, pushes her off his lap, (his mom also whopped her ass after that), and slammed the door in her face. If I was there, I'd beat the shit out of her, but I don't go to his school and I can't go there at all. (Don't ask.) Please tell me how to deal with this desperate slut after my man!


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  • Shell get the message soon if he keeps tellin her no if not ur gonna nd to find a way to kick her ass


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  • Just talk to your boyfriend about it, and if he doesn't tell her off then find a new boyfriend.


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  • He has to deal with it not you. If he doesn't break up with him.