There Is No Reason She Could Think I'm Not Intersted Right?

Long story short me and her went on two dates. To me they went well. After The second date she became very distant. One of my friend suggested maybe that she thinks I'm not interested in her. But you don't hold hands while walking with her or put your arm around her at the movies if your not interested in the girl right? She is not interested right?


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  • The hand and arm stuff should have been sufficient to communicate that you were interested (on top of arranging the dates, talking to her, probably paying for something for her, etc).

    If you've looked at other women in her presence however (or you've talked to almost anyone female since then and she's found out about it), she may think your interest is diffuse.

    If this is the problem, a big gesture may help, like buying her flowers or a concert ticket, or something else requiring some money or effort. Something to show that you really want to invest in her.

    There are however many others reasons why should could be losing interest. It may be that, after getting to know you a bit better, she doesn't like what she's finding. Or she's met someone else. Or lots of other things.

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