Have any of you actually met anyone at a grocery store? coffee/tea house? museum?

I've noticed this is a pretty big trend on tv shows and a few movies, but I don't know anyone who met their girlfriend/boyfriend that way. just curious if it's a thing completely made up in tv land.

side note: share where you DID actually meet your current or most recent significant other. (:

  • yes, I met my SO or ex in a grocery store/cafe/museum
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  • no, I met my SO or ex at _________.
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  • I've never been in a relationship.
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  • Coffee shop, seen her around town before though and she always smiled at me. We struck up conversation in the queue and it was actually her friend who gave me her number.


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  • I think it's easy to write those kind of situations in TV shows, it's all so romantic just running into the love of your life in an everyday place as if it was fate.

    In reality, most people coffee shops are talking to their friends, reading or working, most people in museums are looking at the exhibits and people in grocery stores are usually... uh... buying groceries? In the real world people in those places aren't generally going round hitting on each other.

    For the record, I met my wife at her sister's wedding, but I had a girlfriend at the time. Things only got going between us when we met again a year later, this time on a riverboat.

    • the grocery store scenes are always ridiculously silly to me. especially when they both happen to reach for the same piece of fruit. (:

  • Last time I met an SO it was at a club (as in, organization, not dance club) in college. Before that it was at a Halloween party through mutual friends.

    I've talked to girls in grocery stores and all that, but it rarely goes anywhere from there. It's awkward like:

    "Hey, want to hang out right now?"
    "Uhhh I've got to put these groceries at home."
    "Oh yeah, right. Of course. Ridiculous."

    I suppose you can always ask people for numbers and all that, but I never have my phone on me so I'd have to write it down. I don't know, it's just too rushed.

  • i met a girl at a museum once eating mashed potatoes.

    i happen to have a jar of mayonnaise on my pocket so i asked her if i could add mayonnaise on her mashed potatoes for the taste. strangely she accepted... and she liked it!!! : O

    oh gosh...

  • I've gone on a date with a girl I met at Trader Joes. We didn't have much common interests.

  • I met a ex when she come into the fitting room I was in looking for her then boyfriend


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  • At Walmart. I was a cashier (20 years old) guys would come in and flirt. I gave a few guys my number. I got into a very serious relationship with a guy I met (working) at Walmart. It only lasted a year and a half. He was too controlling.

    • Lol nice.

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    • @doonta yes, but never answering, only commenting on others opinions.

      so, answer my damn question!!

    • @anonymous ha ha, I would probably do the same. (: