What's wrong with us? We are 31 and act like we are in middle school. What is he afraid of?

New question... I like him. He seems to like me. We get along great. Call each other best friends. we see each other every day. We're always texting each other or talking.

He comes over to watch a movie and I made him a nice dinner and he gave me a back massage.

When it's time for him to leave we hug and don't want to let go. Then we hug again. This goes on for a while. Then sometimes he'll kiss me on the cheek and sometimes it will get close to my mouth but won't actually make it. Lol!

Then he will pretend to fall asleep on my shoulder.

I'm afraid to ask him out as I did this when we first met I did and we sort of dated very briefly and then we became friends. Back Then we actually kissed. Changing to just friends was his idea even though he flirted a lot before hand. That was a few months ago. But now in the past two weeks of almost nonstop seeing each other it seems like we both really like each other. He wants to see me every day.

What is he afraid of?
Why do we act like we're in middle school?
Anyone else have a similar experience?

I have to admit this whole situation is kind of fun and retarded and annoying at the same time. I'm enjoying it but I really want to just grab him and kiss him. But he is so skiddish and that will scare him off I think.


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  • It seems like his had a change of heart i think he wants to take it further but be care ful he might want to be friends with benefits n thst never works out