Why would he lie about this? What was his angle here?

He is a photographer and he has his work on different social media. I do not have any social media and he knows this.

He sent me this photo (he does photo manipulation) in a text and said it was his most recent work. I complimented it. He said thank you that means a lot because I haven't shown it to anyone yet.

I googled his work, after being impressed, and this photo manip is on one of these social media pages from like over a year ago!!! Didn't show anyone yet? What? Most recent? I don't see how it could have been a mistake, either.

I don't understand why he would lie. He hasn't been overly active in the past several months in his work, but I just don't see what he hoped to get from lying about that. Any ideas what that was all about? I didn't say anything about being the "first person he showed," was he hoping I'd tell him I felt special or something? I just don't see the point of the lie.


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  • confront him about it. i would. if u dont confront him ur gonna let him get away with it and i would feel like a fool for puttin up with anybodys shit.


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