Why is it hard to find a clean , hard working , heart warming girl this days?

I met and dated a lot of girls and only 2 were awesome but sadly they moved away. and every other girl always has a defect. if their not lazzy their into weed, hookah or other drugs, and yes those are drugs. they all afect the spirm and baby sacks in the women. I travel a lot and every type of clean girl is always taken or a lesbian. i noticed there's more dirty girls than clean. i don't mean every girl is dirty just that there's more that are into things that affect them and later they pay the price with their child. so why is it hard to find a loving , clean girl? i blame the generations for allowing the world get poisoned. by the year girls become more and more worse. so to all of you girls that chose to follow the infected side shame on you. and good for you girls who are clean, hard working and a good person. but really why is there like 40% of the girls that are clean?


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  • Maybe you can't find us cuz we always have our nose stuck in a book... At least that's the case for me. Most nice clean girls I know, they're just shy. I'm like that and my best friend is the same, I think cleaner girls tend to be more innocent which generally entails that they don't have experience in talking to, socializing with, or flitting with boys.

    • But were i live school girls are into drugs😞. Well more than half. but the rest are just friends cause I know they don't want a relationship so I respect that

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  • How old are you? LOL You have barely met enough woman to say that most of us are "dirty". Grow a little, have patience and don't be so judgmental.

    • I said girls that are weed, hookah, and drugst type are dirty. and almost all of them are into that stuff this days. i hate my generation cause that's all they do in high schools and out in life. what happened to a walk at the park and picnics and being healthy? they just use me for my money and do things their not sopose too.

    • I do know what you mean, I'm a good, "clean" woman and have been my whole life and I hate how younger generations treat their bodies. But don't let what others do fill you with anger, it's will drain your energy. Keep being a good, healthy man and just wait for the right girl, but don't have a bitter, judgmental attitude, that won't help you.

  • There is no research suggesting that Marijuana impacts the UTERUS (not baby sack) in any way, and to my knowledge tobacco does not impact the uterus either. Obviously it is a different story if the woman is already pregnant.

    I think you need to educate yourself.

    Anyway there are definitely girls who don't do drugs. They exist.

  • Im sorry but I dont know any girl who does drugs... just saying

  • u say you travel a lot? Maybe a 'clean' girl I presume you mean one thats into commitment and relationship, would want a man whose place in the world was constant. I wouldn't want to marry someone who for the rest of my life would be travelling all the time, I'd want someone who'd come home with me everyday and make me pancakes for breakfast on the weekend lol

    • True. but I just hate that every girl doesn't see that drugs are bad for her this days

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    • Some are clean but their always taken by better looking guys or the weed heads

    • Ermm wrong again! I'm a single, hard-working, I volunteer my time into helping at a eldery care home and assistant teach baby ballet classes.

      But I guess you could say im 'taken' because im so absorbed into my own life with exams and random crap that I wouldn't date anyone right now i feel 'emotionally unavailable'. And also, I physically just dont have the time to date.

  • I work hard I clean and I'm a virgin :p there's other good girls out there man


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  • "they all afect the spirm and baby sacks in the women"

    Were your parents into weed, hookah, and all those other horrible drugs?

    • No. i just hate that every girl I meet try to turn me into a drugy type. i just said its hard to find a healthy girl that knows that stuff could affect them and later the baby will pay for their stupidity

    • I'm not going to try and convince you to do anything you don't want to, but do some proper research on these drugs before you go off talking about how bad they are.

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