Did I mess it up? Should I try harder?

A couple years ago, it was my best guy friends birthday and he pulled me aside and said "prom kiss" because I was taking him to prom. He was really drunk as well, and I was so caught off guard I said "you don't want to do this!" He kissed me and tried to continue but I told him again "no you don't want to do this!" I'm not really sure if that was a sign if he liked me or not, if it was just a kiss or whatever but over the years every time we are close in a conversation or together he backs off and tries to push away. Sometimes he's rude towards me, and he's not like he used to be and I just don't know what he's thinking anymore. However, we have had sleep overs but nothing ever happened and I just don't know how to fix it. Because after that kiss, I started having feelings for him and now its just all screwed up and I don't know what to do!


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  • He probably feels embarrassed. You may have to be direct and ask him about it and tell him you have feelings for him.