Confused about this guy? I Iike him again?

Last year i was a senior in highschool and this guy (we knew each other but never really talked) was looking at me a lot, my best friend noticed but obviously turned around when i looked at him. We got into university and i forgot about him. But i saw him recently and felt things again. A friend of mine, who is very sociable, talks to him when she sees him because he is shy and she likes to open him up (she is in a serious relationship and they are not friends) and one day she asked him what kind of girl he likes and he described hair and body and i do match what he said he liked. Whe do have a common friend though. I randomly saw him on the street today and we saw each other and passed next to each other. I dont know what to do. I have been unlucky with boys and things haven't gone well in that department and i am a littlescared of what will happen. I just dontwantto get hurt again, I need to finally find a boyfriend, to like me back. What should i do? I am so confused...


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  • I think that next time you see him walking by you should say hi I friendly hi Doent hurt anybody


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