What to do when your boyfriend lowkey flirts with someone else he considers his best friend?

He's been best friends for a while and they have a lot in common since they play the same sports and what not but most of the issues we've had are because of her. He's a friendly guy but still there are limits. They flirt on Twitter sometimes but I checked his Twitter and I found that out but he doesn't know I know his Twitter, yes it's wrong of me to check but I just don't trust him or that girl. How do I stop this without looking crazy?


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  • Dear, you need to let out whatever you're feeling. I think i can help you out, if you're looking forward then please message me so that I can give you any suggestions and basically just listen to your problems. Why am I helping you? Because I know how it feels like to be all messed up and alone. Message me, I'm sure I can help you out some how! If not the solution is to be positive and accept the situation as it is and try finding a solution to your problems instead of dwelling upon it. Message me if you need a friend to talk to. I hope this helps. :-) (I'm a girl too, so I can understand your situation)

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