Texting a guy in another state, takes a week for him to respond, should I give up?

My friend is trying to set me up with her boyfriends best friend. He seems like a really cool guy, but it takes him about a week to text back. We've been talking since September of last year, first on Facebook, then we moved to texting. Should I be worried that it takes him forever to text back?


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  • Maybe he's working in some remote location or rarely uses his phone I don't know.
    You know him best , if there isn't any particular circumstances that would stop him from using his phone to just drop a little short reply then most likely he's not interested.


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  • LDR are one of the hardest ones to Have and to Uphold, MayByesMayBno, and with you both 'Talking since September'... and Starting with Facebook and ending up with Text next, it would seem if he was this eager beaver to really get to know you better, he would be Moving faster Instead Of-----Forever to text back.
    Could be he is Not really hep to Be in a LDR and by him taking his sweet time with pushing a button on his own end, is telling me he isn't taking this as Seriously as you are, who gives more of a Dam with it.
    Try a new approach before you decide you might just want to throw in the rag. Suggest you both do Skype to keep the lines of convo wide open. See where this gets you, see how he reacts to it. If he is good with it, then begin your beguine with making the time and effort to keep the newfound friendship at least in motion. But if he hymns and haws and doesn't Gnaw to the idea, then maybe it is best to give it a rest and just push a button whenever on your own end or Even------Leave it on Facebook.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yes. If he's interested he would text back much sooner. A day at most.


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