What should I get my boyfriend for Valentine's day?

I wanted to start thinking about this early because I have a terrible habit of procrastinating. I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's day... I'm a first time girlfriend and he's a first time boyfriend so we're both noobs, we started dating the 18th of last month and haven't kissed yet (I don't know if that's relevant but oh well.)

He's a HUUUUUUUUUGE gamer like myself and likes history. He's really quirky and very random XD

We gave each other video games for Christmas so I want to try avoiding that...

And he already has something planned out so I'm kinda scrambling XD


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  • Well nudity would probably scare him, given the situation, also yeh 1 month is too soon anyway. Get you two a couples massage?

    • Neither of us are ready are for hat and won't be for long while XD

    • What not ready for a couples massage?

  • Bake something!

    • Not bad, didn't think about that

  • Assassin's creed unity! Unless you own it already then I got nothing

    • Yep we have it lol XD

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