A girl that I want a shot with. Should I give up on her?

All my life, I've been friendzoned or had really crappy, shallow girlfriends. I've been less seriously dating and more just going on fun dates these days. Not exactly sure what it is that I'm looking for, except that I know that I'm tired of screwing around and I want something that means more. I met this girl a few months back. First time in my life I'd done a triple take from someone that beautiful walking into a room. Went over and introduced myself and it took me a little bit and a little courage getting to ask her out. We went onot 2 or 3 dates, and they went GREAT. She had so many great traits that were important to me. for some reason, I kind of backed off. Didn't ask her out again for over a month and a half. I was a moron, I'll admit. I finally talked myself into asking her out again. I think it was nerves that got me between that time. She told me that she needed some space and wasn't exactly sure how she felt. I haven't seen her in the month since then. But I've recognized she was a lot of what I was looking for. My question is, should I fight for this or is it a done deal?

I think I forgot to mention that she told oneveryone of my friends that she was done being picky. She just wanted a good guy that would treat her right.


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  • Win some and lose some, keep moving along from one chick to the next, even after successfully seducing, keep going and adding. Until u become exclusive. Play on and play ball

    Having just 1 crush is setting ur self up for closed doors