Fantasizing with a friend?

There is this boy, and we are friends, but lately I've had daydreams about us being together and sleeping together. I dont like him, I mean he's sweet and all but I like someone else and he's not in my social crowd. We've even told each other who we liked and I don't like him and he doesn't like me. Is this normal to daydream sleeping with someone you don't even like/want to date?


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  • If you imagined sleeping with him , deep down u might have feelings for him, you're probably just in denial because you don't want to like him but your body and mind do. and if that isn't the case your just being curious about what it would be like to sleep with him , normal.

    • So it's okay? Because I like another guy and I fantasise about kissing him but can I not date him because I'm having these dreams with another guy?

    • Yea its ok you can date the guy , just dont let your dreams of sleeping with the other guy get in the way

    • Okay good thank you so much!!

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  • Normal?
    Not really.
    But you'd be amazed at how sometimes the imagination works.