What are signs that prove you're falling in love?

This is meant in general but also personal. What, according to you, are signs someone's in love or falling for someone? How did you realise you were in love (or falling for someone) yourself?


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  • When you can't eat, you can't think, you can't sleep, your stomach is from nervousness full of butterflies, then you can say you are in love ( :

    • Or these are the signes you have insomnia, I'm not sure ( :

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  • I just felt really happy, safe, comforted around her. as if there is some warm feeling coming from her. Just by looking into her eyes I felt soft and warm and all fuzzy and cuddly.

  • If you can't stop thinking about him/her, feel very happy, feel butterflies, and always want to be with him/her.
    Hope he'll make you happy :-)

    • Well, he does make me happy, makes me laugh and treats me so wonderful... I'm not really used to that. There are just a few things that make me doubt about him... things I don't really like but I'm afraid they'll annoy me in a while. I'm just not really sure how I feel about him, I do like him but I don't know if there'll be more or not.

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    • I'll keep my thumbs up! Maybe if one day you're a happy couple we'll go drink a coffee :-)

    • Haha, alright, thanks!

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