How long does it take you to date again after a break up?

And be serious about that other person. Like days, weeks, months?

I'm wondering because two weeks ago at a party this guy I know from class tried to kiss me but I knew he had a girlfriend so I told him. To which he said they broke up a week ago and well judging by their Facebook that is true, but they had been together for 3 years.

I didn't really think he'd follow up on that almost kiss but he did ask me out on a real date. And we've been dating since.
It's just I feel a bit uneasy about it. I mean he just broke up with his ex, how could he be ready for a proper relationship again?


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  • No specific time line just until I meet somebody I think id like to date. Currently its been like seven months since my last relationship. Meet any girls lately that dont have kids or been previously married or co habitated so I am not seriously dating right now.

    • The fastest time that I ever got into a relationship again was like eight months. Longest was three years.

  • That is for you to decide yourself.


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