Should I go on with this girl?

Well, the story is just me and this girl met. We get flirty and shit and than we go to the "avoiding" phase. Now eachtime we do talk with each other;we laugh, vibe and can discuss anything. Like last; i told her as a joke that i were stressing cause i was next to her, and she racted like noo in this complete state of excitment and confusion. (like when someone says your best friend is dating;that nooo). Like she kept laughing at everything i said (even though i were serious at some points), we were singing together and shit. I tried to put her on blast for ignoring me, and she just kept laughing it away all blushed. I don't know what to do, cause she gets a lot of attention, but as she once said:i were different.

please help me GAGGers


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  • You should make your move is what I'm getting from how she's acting, I giggle and such and act like how she is when I'm talking to the guy I love. Maybe ask her out on a date or kiss her. Either way from what you said its a clear sign to go for it.


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