I'm so confused! Has he lost interest?

I've been dating the guy for about 2 weeks, (i know not really that long) we seemed to hit it off very well and we went of like 4 dates in the week.
he was also very affectionate when he texted me also, which was nice. i understand that we are taking things slow.
but all of a sudden he's not texting me as much, and not very affectionate, almost blunt. i usually wouldn't care, because most guys aren't big texters... but he's gone from one spectrum to the other.

we organised a new date, so i guess he still wants to see me, but why would he loose interest in texting?

im so confused! has he lost interest in me?


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  • When you see him, just note to him the drop in texting frequency but do not do this: ask "Is it because (blah blah blah involving me)?" Just state that you noticed the change. Maybe a statement like "Is everything OK?" is a decent follow on question. Don't make this about you though or he will clam up. If it is about you, you'll know soon enough.

    • good idea ! thanks, lets hope he's still interested hahah !

What Girls Said 1

  • probally, this date is the one that changes his mind and makes him think twice. don't screw up

    • She should be herself. If she has to try hard to keep this guy, he's not worth the next several decades of her life to be someone she isn't. So, he should like her for who she is - faults and all - in her natural state.

    • why are you telling me? tell her

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