How do guys in upper 20s to lower 30s show that they like a woman? Does he want to be with me or just looking to hook up?

Background info:

1. Met online and then in person. Clicked immediately
2. Known each other for about a month now and have gone out 5 different times.
3. We flirt through text, but have only just recently held hands and kissed on the 5th date.
4. He does little things that make me think he likes me: good morning and good night texts, asking how my day is going, asking where to go out and what to do, sometimes holds his glance looking at me, remembers things I say and brings the up for conversation, and rubs the top of my thumb when holding hands
5. I am very awkward and act nervous around him and told him I'm like that because I like him. His response was NOT "i like you too" or anything like that. It was just a kiss and saying he wanted to go out again soon.

I'm not expecting him to profess his love or anything crazy like that, but I have commented that he's good looking and told him straight up that I like him, but he doesn't say anything like that to me... Is he just looking to hook up or what?


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  • I am 25 and when I like a girl after a few conversations and I have good vibrations about tings. I approach her and I say "Hi, How are you? I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime?" It's quick, it's simple and it sends a clear message of intent.


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