Not sure if he likes me or not? **GUYS OPINIONS NEEDED**

I've been friends with this guy for about a year and I've liked him for a bit now. He always jokes about us dating and one of his friends always says that he likes me. He seems concerned if I start talking about another guy and gets pretty jealous when I talk to other guys. And he is always trying to get close to me. But when I text him he acts like we aren't friends at all and answers in short responses. Compared to when he talks to my friend, he acts nice to her and they make jokes all the time. Why does he do this? He is really sweet and flirty in person and does not flirt with any other girls besides me. So do you think he likes me? And if so, why does he act like he doesn't when we are texting?


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  • From what you've said it definitely sounds like he likes you, a lot. The short answering in texting might be because he doesn't want to flap out something that points to him being in love with you, or he doesn't want to mess up and make things awkward with you in real life. I've been there with crushes and chatting to them, you try your best to keep things as stale as possible to not make it awkward.


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