Is it weird if my boyfriend wants to dress me?

Ok so I've been with my boyfriend for about 11 months I recently gave him my V card and this morning I woke up to him asking if he could take my pyjamas off and dress me puting on all my clothes has anyone else done this guys? Have you had this done to you girls?

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  • its his thing let him?
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  • sounds like he's viewing you as his Barbie girl... did he like to play with Barbie dolls as a child? :-P


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  • The fantasy of many young men from their teens to their twenties and sometimes thirties. It's not weird trust he says to do it, it is different that you're so open to talk about it at your age.. Not saying wrong just different.

  • Do you mean choose your clothes or actually help you put them on?


What Girls Said 3

  • At 15 you two are playing with fire.
    Although I voted C, that was before I checked your age.
    It sounds like you've been with him since you were 14.
    So where are your parents?
    Or are you some 35 year old girl trolling on here?

    • Yes I've been with him since February and mom and dad work a lot I get left with my older brother for him to look after me but I do have friends and go out my bf is a little older but I don't mind I'm 16 in 8 weeks

  • It's not weird but you are 15... :
    That's kinda young but whatevs

    It's not weird... Unless he wants to dress u all the time. Then that's controlling

  • It might be one of those baby fetish thingys... If you don't like it ask him to stop or only let him put your shoes and coats on

    • I don't mind him dressing me but I'm almost16 and I can dress myself lol I just let him sometimes to make him happy what's Bfs and Bfs are for right?

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    • lol, not necessarily... sounds like a control issue with him. Who knows what he'll try to control next

    • I don't think it's too bad

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