I have my first date in a few hours! Help?

On Wednesday night I was taking the bus home after hanging out with a friend for a few hours. A couple stops before mine, a cute guy sat beside me and asked me for my number. I gave it to him. We didn't get to actually talk because I had to get off the bus a minute later, but we've texted some since and arranged to see a movie tonight.

I've been freaking out a little because I'm 18 and have never had a boyfriend before, or had any guy look at me twice, that I'm aware of. I'm not conventionally attractive, and a little on the chunky side, so I'm still stumped as to why he asked for my number in the first place, especially since I looked like crap at the time.

Any first date advice for me?


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  • Take it easy, be yourself, get to know him a little and talk about the movie. Dress casually, nicely and not too revealing unless it's just your style. Don't assure him of a second date unless you two really hit it off or the date goes good. If you don't click, just lose his number


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