I like him, but should I leave the situation?

So I'm thinking of walking away from him and the situation. It's almost been a month since we started seeing each other. In the beginning things were good. But now everything is confusing. We have been getting to know each other more and more, and now I'm thinking that he just wants to be single.

Last night, he wanted to have a boys night for our friends birthday. I was out with some girlfriends of mine having a good time. Then I see my crush and our friends walk in the same bar. I ignored them and didn't feel like dealing with it since I've been getting mixed signals. I was talking to one of my friends, and our friend came over and said hi to me, then what do you know, my crush comes over and says hi and hugs me and kisses me. They all were hammered.

My crush and I started to dance and then I disappeared and went to the bathroom. My crush then texts me asking me where I went. I didn't respond. I went back out and couldn't find him. I sat back down at the table and starting drinking and talking to the birthday boy. I see my crush dancing with another girl, and once he saw me he came over and started talking to me.

Then I don't even know we were talking about something and he told me that "we are just having fun, its not like we are dating." It hurt a little, but I played it out saying yeah totally. Then his cousin and him went over to some girls and then I went back to talking to my friends. He came back and he's like hey baby. I'm like oh hi, and he's like are you mad? and I'm like nooo not at all. I told him if he kisses another girl or sleeps with them, then this between is over, because I'm not playing that game.

He agreed and said he doesn't play games either... but yet he is. So I went over and talked to come guy. My crush came over and pulled me away and started dancing with me.

He keeps giving me mixed signals planning things for the future for us, and saying how he likes me a lot, but yet he acts like he doesn't care at the same time?


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  • I got confused a lot... He seems different, i mean weird.. I didn't get what he is trying to do.
    I guess he just has fun with girls.


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  • why can't he go out with his friends?

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