Is it cheating, if on a break?

I've always wonderd if you're in a relationship but on a break, for whatever reason, is it considered cheating if you had any sexual interaction with someone else?

I never wanted to take this break but he said he needed it so I agreed, he has also mention that there's a possibility that he might sleep with other girls, I've never had a break so I don't really know what to expect...


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  • Breaks are short for "break ups". You're together, or you're not. I don't understand the people that have these breaks (which implies you're not dealing with whatever issue you're having as a couple, but separately), but then also have all these special rules attached to it as well.

    I suppose they're just trying to ditch the title and feeling of having a relationship to see if that fixes things, but they don't want to make it permanent right away.


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  • Taking a break can mean many things, Its sort of personal to your situation

    Taking a break, is exactly that, 'you need a break' from the relationship for whatever reason it may be So the clear answer is, you guys decide whats ok and whats not. If your hiding it from your partner and try to justify sexual interactions just cause your on a 'break', its obviously cheating.

    • Thank you, I wasn't sure if it was code for a break up or not... what would you do if your girl friend said she wanted a break and that she would most likely have sex with other guys?

    • Your Welcome miss

      Well it could be code for a break up, I wouldn't know what context you guys really mean by 'a break'. Thats something you have to figure out what he really means, sometimes a break can lead to a break up, of course.

      What I would do... hummm well I guess it would take a really special case to be in that situation for me. I wouldn't be ok with it at all, unless its some special case in which its the only way that could possibly save 'us' and bring us closer. But if that was the situation I wouldn't really have a choice because its either lose her OR let her have sex with others with the hopes she'll come back

      So in reality, Im not ok with it at all, and I would have no choice but to let her go unless I really really love her and willing to make that sacrifice.

    • IF he wants to sleep with others girls, to me thats him exploring other options and if ones better he may not come back BUT if there worse then he may decide to come back to you since he sort of reserved you by saying your on a 'break'

      Its what I think, doesn't mean its true :)

  • Nope, you are free to do yo Thang girl!


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  • usually breaks are to find out if you miss him or not and can live without him, not used to fuck others and come back..

  • yes it is. were taking a brake to eventually resolve our issues not have sex with other people

  • No it's not considered cheating