Is he a lost cause? I like talking to him but am I wasting my time?

I met a guy online and we texted everyday, we arranged to meet up for a date and the date seemed to go well. He even wanted me to stay longer but I had to go home. He texted me straight after the date and we talked for ages but since then he's not messaging me as much I seem to have to initiate but when I do he messaged back straight away and seems happy to talk. He's hinted at another date several times but hasn't arranged anything. Is he a lost cause? Should I just not bother with him anymore if he's not interested? I like talking to him But don't wanna seem desperate or needy


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  • no i think he is just trying to play cool
    lol the guys do that at times to impress the girl


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  • ask him if he likes texting in the first place. some guys can't stand it so they dont do it

    • Yeh I suppose just he was happy to constantly do it before the date and feels like he's not after which immediately makes me think since meeting he's not interested

    • this guy i was into would do the same. then one day he tells me he hates texting so i said, why didn't you tell me that in the first place it would have saved us so much time ahah