Could this guy be interested in me or is he gay?

I've known him for around years and we went to school together. He's 22. The thing is, he acts pretty much the same around everyone. I've never seen him show romantic attraction towards a guy or girl. He's just a lovely guy and very polite to everyone he meets. He's never had a girlfriend/boyfriend. A few girls think he's unattractive but I disagree. He may not be considered the 'typical' attractive guy but I personally think his personality is amazing and that he's really attractive.

We normally catch up when we have time off at least once a year. We caught up recently and had a great time. We also share a lot of values and common interests. However, I have no idea if he'd ever be interested in me. We went out for lunch and he tried to pay for my lunch. I didn't let him though and paid for both of us. He thanked me about ten times and kept saying how nice it was. He also asked me whether I still talk to a guy I dated in highschool, which I thought was odd. Do you think he may be interested?


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  • Not if you only meet once a year... unless you are very far apart and it takes a real effort to see each other and he makes a serious effort to keep in contact etc


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  • He could be. But if he is it is probably just a recent thing if you only see each other once a year. I don't think he would have been holding out and building up his courage for all those years.
    And on a side note, I always ended up liking the gay guys in school. At least 3 different guys that I had crushes on ended up being gay haha. A couple of them are great friends now though :)