Should I ask this girl out on a date?

Its a girl I work with me and her talk a lot I can make her laugh. I was really concerned the other day when she told me her dad was in the hospital because my dad was very sick and had a lot of hospital visits. I wanted to know if he was doing OK.


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  • If you guys seem to be hitting it off, then I definitely would if I were you. You don't want to hide your feelings and miss out on the opportunity. If you like her, then take a chance and go for it! Good luck:)


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  • Well don't ask her out if you want to be her friendzoned crying shoulder...

    • Not friendzone I just wanted to let her know I was concerned cause my father was sickly so I understood was she was going through

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    • Okay yeah ask her out

    • She told me he had a stroke and that he had to have therapy