Do I repel guys because I'm conservative and quiet? Or because I'm too much like one of the guys?

I've always been really quiet and too myself but after you get to know me I'm fun and kind of nerdy and I love sports. It's easy for me to talk to and hang out with guys , because I think their entertaining and I can roll with the punches but I'm still , unfortunately, very single. I'm nice but not a flirt really , I honestly don't know the first thing about it. I'm not drop dead gorgeous or anything I know but I think I'm pretty fun personality wise have a athletic physique (I go to a gym) , Im smart & driven . So what is it that I'm not doing right?


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  • Nothing wrong with you. Many ladies go through something like this. There is plenty of time for you to figure or a good balance between your current actions and the response you desire or of guys.. Plus some guys find this a huge turn on.

    • Good to know. Thank you

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  • What you look like is the most important factor. Demureness isn't a repellant, it's an attractor.


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