How should I handle this crush situation?

My crush had her wisdom teeth pull yesterday, but I wanna take her out this weekend (4 day weekend). But yesterday her mom wouldn't let her leave the house I guess, so today I was planning to call her and ask if she wanted me to rescue her.

1) I don't know exactly what we'd do even if I could rescue her... like she probably can't eat much right?

2) If she can't leave, I don't know if I should ask about future plans or what...

3) Should I text her first and ask if she can leave her house at all, then call, or should I just call with all of that?

4) What should I say if she can leave her house. If she CAN leave her house today, then I can't really say I'm rescuing her, and she might have other plans or something... right?

Please try to answer each question or whatever you can! Thanks!
Also this will probably be a post-dinner date now...


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  • Bring her some soup and a flower.


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  • If she just got her wisdom teeth pulled then she probably doesn't want someone asking her out, she is probably in a lot of pain, try texting her and just making her feel happy and when she is recovered, then ask her out

    • Yeah I figured I'd just keep her entertained every so often through texting. The past three days I've texted her more than I've texted anyone in that amount of time

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  • 1) don't rescue but rather show concern
    2) it's cool asking questions
    3) yes text first
    4) your problem is you don't have a game plan and your not confident. Best option is to help her out with anything she might ask. Try not to be too nice.

    • 1) Concern... well it seems like her wanting to leave the house is greater than her pain... I texted her for like 4 hours yesterday and she didn't really say it hurts.

    • Calm down. Haha just be there for her and again since she can't say much I don't think taking her out is a good idea , then again it wouldn't hurt ta try. Don't settle for ifs, could, might, may. You have know. Text if she she wants to hang out.

    • Hey, do you think it'd be a good idea if I said I could come get her, and then she'd say "but I can't talk or eat or anything" and I would say "that doesn't matter I just wanna hang with you" or something like that?