I know it sounds crazy but I'm scared he LIKES me back? *short*

I have a crush on this guy and he sometimes flirts with me, always stares and I'm scared that he might like me back... Because I've been hurt before and if he likes me back then we somehow might end up together and that gives him the opportunity to hurt me somehow, and it gives me a chance to f*ck this up...
How do I deal with this?


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  • Just watch how he acts around you if he seems confined to himself then he dosent like you. If he does like you he will try to get close to you like an example of it is your sitting in one spot in a room full of chairs an he goes straight to sit beside you


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  • I think you should get to know him. I have had the same thing happen to me. you should get to know him more so that you know that you can trust him with your heart

  • Don't be scared, I won't bite that hard...


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