What is that one 'little something' that your significant other does for you that you find special?

The question kinda says it all. Is it simply he/she saying "I love you' or giving you hugs all the time? texting you something?
what is one thing your SO does that just makes you smile and get the warm fuzzy feelings? I am not talking about big presents or taking you out on the town.. something small that.
For some it might be them doing the laundry, for others it might be a flower (s) one in a while.
Like for me I HATE cooking meals. I want a woman that will take over dinner. I am ok with doing any and all other jobs, including cleaning and laundry, if she will just take care of planning and cooking meals. That makes me want her even more...


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  • Besides all the little things he does.
    he sings nevershoutnever to me while I'm falling asleep. Its the cutest thing ever


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  • He does a lot for me, but the best is when he plays piano just for me :)


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