Does going out with guys make you nervous like for your safety?

Where you don't know them? I mean when do you figure you'll REALLY know them? I can get to know a guy and he can be the sweetest thing but I will still be worried for my safety. I haven't learned to be comfortable yet and I dont know why. I have to ask, anyone else feel this way? :-(

I don't like them simply being a gentleman and driving eventually. Nothing has happened to me in my life to bring on this fear. Except that I was in a long term relationship so dates and just going out as friends with guys is new to me


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  • I took this as a sign of not being ready to go out with a guy alone. Try a group date, or go to a common place like a park, or boardwalk or something like that. Eventually, you'll be more comfortable with him to go to more intimate places, like dinner or a movie.

    • Yeah I've felt like a group is better but even after it naturally progresses beyond that I have such a hard time :-/